Sprucing Up Our Study Deck

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

With spring in the air, it's easy to get the bug to work outdoors.  I wanted to give our deck off the study a little makeover.
We have a trellis on the side and top. The side trellis, I wanted to use these artificial topiary hedge plant.  Realistic looking greenery hedge that is uv-proof to look fresh, weatherproof to withstand the elements, low-maintenance so no hassle, and requires no water unless you use that as a source for cleaning. 
Perfect for converting walls, fences, and anything you can apply it to creating a natural lush look soft to the touch yet durable made of super-strong-sturdy high density polyethylene. Perfect for privacy or just to beautify your area interior or exterior. 
Shaping and designing is a simple snip of a pair of scissors to fit the size and shape you wish to create, and pieces connect with interlocking connectors for ease of installation.

A pretty new look for the study deck.
I bought the panels on Amazon.  12 Piece 20'' L x 20'' H.  made by e-joy. Endless possibilities.
I also bought this console table from Grandin Road.  I have been looking at it for years. It's called Elle Stonecast.
Pineapple lanterns from  Frontgate.  A pretty wrought iron piece hangs on the trellis.
The  outdoor rug is from Costco.  Years ago, we ended up buying three of them.  Two for another patio area off the dining room. I decided to use the third one on this deck patio for some color.
Update on my Dad - He is still in the hospital.  They gave him a ct scan recently and they also do a chest x-ray every morning.  I do worry about the radiation. A Thoracic surgeon came in to look at him. He put in an order to re-do the tubing in his lungs.  My dad said it was very painful.  Keep in mind, this is the third time.
My dad is looking better and eating very well.  Time will tell. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers.
I also wanted to share: Mackenzie Childs has their Easter items 1/2 off.

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